My Morning Routine

Good morning everyone, and welcome to my morning routine! Everyone has their own way of waking up and starting the day! For me, I feel most productive in the morning, and I get more done in the morning than any other time of the day. So, I thought that I would walk you through the first few hours of my morning routine!

First, I start my morning with two lovely (and annoying) cats who can tell time perfectly and wake me up just in time to save them from starving to death! My cats wake me up between 6-7 in the morning, every morning, and it is at this point that I decide to either sleep in until 8 or get up at 7 and feed my cats for the morning.

After making my bed the second I am out of it, the cats are saved from ‘starvation(as every cat and child will tell you that they are always starving, and that they are never fed) and they leave me alone for the rest of the morning.

After the cats have been fed, I like to do my morning stretches/workout. Whether I do a workout, or stretches, depends on my mood and how cold it is in the cabin. If I’m feeling tired and sluggish, I usually spend a few minutes stretching to wake myself up. If I feel wide awake and it’s particularly cold in the cabin, I do a quick workout to warm up and get pumped up for the morning. If I really feel like I need a morning workout, I go outside and bring armfuls of wood up to the house as my workout for the morning. —(This is only done on the warmer days when it’s not in the single digits outside!)

This morning in particular, I felt like stretching because I wasn’t fully wide awake, and my muscles have been sore recently.

While doing my stretches/workout I always have something playing on Spotify! What I listen to depends entirely on my mood for the morning. My Go-To’s on Spotify are; motivational speeches, daily affirmations, or my morning music playlist with songs that get me awake and moving! This morning I opted for a few motivational speeches while stretching, and then I played my morning playlist while I wrote this blog post.

After stretching for the morning, I cleaned my cabin. This is done every morning as I make sure to start the day fresh and clean! I vacuum the new rug I just put in here, clean off my worktable, put awake any yarn that I am not currently using, and clean up anything else that needs it.

After everything is done in the cabin, I head over to the house to get ready for the day and make my morning breakfast.

This morning after brushing my teeth and getting myself decent for the day, I made myself some hot cocoa (normally I prefer tea) and some scrambled eggs on toast. After breakfast was done, me and my hot cocoa went back to the cabin to start work for the day!

Of course, all of that mentioned above takes place in only an hour, so I still have plenty of the morning left to get my other work done! Once I got back to my cabin, I started work on this blog post so that I could post something for the morning. (Editing came later.)

After about an hour of work on the computer, I normally take a break to clean the cat’s little box and get them some fresh water for the morning. I’ve been trying to take more breaks from sitting all day, as my body is not used to sitting idle all day every day. However, once I start crocheting for the day, I normally lose all track of time and before I know it, hours have passed!

After making sure that the cats are taken care of for the morning, now the real work begins! The rest of the day is spent either working on my blog or crocheting stuff for the Spring and Summer markets.

So that’s how my mornings are spent! Within the first two hours of waking up, I clean my cabin, make sure the cats are fed, watered, and happy, get myself fed, watered, and ready for the day, and then I start on work for the morning!

With no job and no school anymore to keep me busy, I have been working full time on my crafts for the summer farmers markets, which I intend to do full time this summer! Because of that, most of my days are spent in the cabin crocheting and watching videos on my computer. The weather is too cold to do anything regardless, so I would be stuck inside either way. At least with my crocheting, I can work towards something and see my progress with what I’ve created!

I hope that you are all having a productive morning as well and that you are all working towards a dream every day. My goal for this year is to do at least ONE thing a day that makes for a better future. With my morning routine, I feel like I get all of the mundane stuff out of the way as soon as possible, and I leave the rest of the day open for creating the future that I want to see.

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and find something to do to work towards your future today. ❀


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