Snow Day in the Kitchen

Good afternoon everyone! This morning, I was surprised to wake up to a few more inches of snow on the ground, and more snow dropping by the minute! I had to shovel my way to the house this morning after the sun came up, but that’s okay, because that counted as my workout for the morning! πŸ˜‰
(Check out my last post about My Morning Routine here!)

This morning, I had promised my parents homemade donuts for breakfast. They had wanted them yesterday morning and had gotten all excited when they heard me frying something… Imagine their gloom when they found out I was frying myself eggs for breakfast and not donuts! πŸ˜…
(Check out my recipe for my homemade donuts here: Homemade Donut Recipe)

After I cleaned up the kitchen from the donuts, my father and I went outside to shovel the pathways and the driveway. It was cold enough outside that my eyelashes were beginning to freeze because it was the only part of me that wasn’t covered! (Fun Fact: Facemasks are a great way to keep your face warm in the winter and, unlike a scarf, it doesn’t fall down every time you talk!) It wasn’t until I had gone back inside and complained about the cold weather to my mother, that I learned that it was about eight degrees outside! πŸ₯Ά

After all of that shoveling, I went back into the house to warm up and get started on making bread for the day. I had made two loaves of bread last week for my grandmother and us and my mother had demanded more bread from me today. My mother and I LOVE homemade bread and both of the loaves I had made last week were gone within two days! We had made some French Toast one morning with the bread and the rest of the bread had been warmed up with melted butter spread over the top and eaten throughout the day. ❀ YUM! πŸ€ͺ

I had gotten the recipe for the bread I had made last week (pictured above) HERE, it was just a random recipe I had found online that didn’t need bread flour. The one that I am making today (pictured below) came from a new recipe HERE, which I had found on Pinterest and thought I would try.

It took most of the morning for the bread to rise before I could put it in the oven, and it took another hour baking, but the reward was so worth the wait! ❀

While the bread was baking, I had made some chicken fried rice with leftover barbeque pulled pork for lunch. My mother and I had the rice with a side of bread for lunch and it was delicious! Talk about the perfect lunch! 😍

After eating WAY too much rice and bread for lunch, I went back to my cabin to do some deep cleaning for the day. I clean my cabin every day, but sometimes I get in the mood to crank my record player up, dance around the cabin, and clean everything in sight! (Anyone else..?)

As always my lovely readers, smile, have an amazing day, and do what makes you happy today!


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