A Writers Block Update on the Month

You know what I hate? I hate that feeling when you need to write something, but you have absolutely no ambition or creative juices flowing in your entire body and therefor you can’t write anything.

It’s not exactly ‘writer’s block’, it’s more like the constant feeling that I should do anything else besides writing posts for my blog and avoiding my blog at all costs so that I don’t feel bad for not writing anything..

While writing this blog post, I have thought of at least twenty different things that I should be doing around the cabin and the house. However, that’s just my brain trying to distract me from writing something down. And we all know what the best cure for writer’s block is, it’s that you sit down and force yourself to write. So that’s what I’m going to do gosh-darnit!

So what have I been up to on this silent month?

Well, first, I’ve been dealing with the god-awful weather Michigan has been having in my area. First it was the two feet of snow dropped on us earlier this month, and then it melted just enough to cover everything in huge icicles, and then it snowed again, and then melted to create rivers all over the property, and then it froze everything in a sheet of ice, again, and it snowed over the ice this morning… I’m sure you can see the pattern here forming here. 😉

The next thing I have been working on is my crocheting. Slowly but surely I have been trying to build a good stock for summer markets. However, with no real craft fair in sight until May, I am just winging it and trying to make some cute spring and summer stuff. Later on though, I shall come up with some themes for my booths depending on where I can get myself a booth at.

Of course, I am much too impatient to wait until local markets start in May, so I have also been working on getting myself into some craft fairs that might start sooner rather than later. To help myself along with this (since I have been getting information about craft fairs too late), I joined some Facebook groups that inform me when markets need craft vendors in my area. This has been helpful, however, a lot of vendors aren’t really good at getting back to us crafters in a timely manner and I am left to either wait, or contact the vendors by phone, email, AND Facebook..

And of course, with it being February, I have been trying my best (in between the snowstorms) to keep an eye on my ‘Artist of the Month’ stuff at the local shop Elements. I had dropped off some flower doilies, love bombs, and fairy bags at the end of January, but after looking at pictures on Facebook of my stuff, it looked too ‘pink‘. The whole section of my stuff looked like the color had drained out of it and I didn’t like that look, so I brought in some cute and colorful bags and some brighter flower doilies to spruce things up and it looks much better now!

And lastly, I shall not lie, I have been addicted to playing Sims 4.. Very, VERY addicted! Sims 4 went on sale for a few days, and I couldn’t pass up the rare opportunity to spend only $5 on Sims 4! Of course, the real thing that tipped me over the top was finding out that Sims 4 had an Eco Pack (which I also got, half off)! In the Eco Pack for Sims 4, Sims could now live ‘off the grid’ with solar panels, wind turbines, dew catchers, etc., recycle trash for treasure, and vote for actions to change their environment for the better (or worse). I couldn’t resist getting this just to try it out! It puts you into a town filled with smog and trash and your Sims have to clean up the community and get it to an ecofriendly footprint!

Of course, with Sims 4 being such a low price, I had to get a friend of mine addicted to it too! So I am ashamed to admit that a lot of my days have been spent playing Sims 4 with my friend while getting nothing done in the real world.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to this month! I’m not getting much done because of my Sims addiction, I haven’t been able to leave the house because of the weather, and I was avoiding my blog for half of the month because I couldn’t find any ambition to write. But who knows, maybe writing this blog post will get me out of my writers funk I’ve been in..?

As always my lovely readers, SMILE, have an amazing day, and don’t worry, I’m not dead I just couldn’t find something to write about.. ❤


  1. Ugh that feeling does suck but I’d take that over the month I’ve had. Seriously, it’s been so horrible. I’ve had an abundance of things to write about yet none of them are good. Can’t wait to see more of your creations, keep being amazing

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    • In my experience, it’s the things we write that we don’t think are good enough that get a lot of views.. I have one blog post that I personally think isn’t very good, and I was going to delete it, except it gets a couple hundred views a year! We are our own worst critics and we writers are normally hard on ourselves about what we write and the quality of it. 🥰🖊 Sometimes we just have to let ourselves write it out and let the readers decide if they like reading that kind of stuff.

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