I took my cat for a walk today

The weather outside is currently 52-degrees and these last two days have been the warmest days of the year! It’s been amazing to go outside these last two days and soak up the warm and rainy weather!

With my windows wide open today, my cat Binx (named after the cat from Hocus Pocus) wouldn’t leave the windows, except maybe to go to the door every time I went in and out of the cabin and poke her head out.

Fearing that Binx’s curiosity would soon cause her to run outside and never return, I decided that today was a perfect day to show her the outside world up close and personal. So I fashioned a leash out of some clothesline, tied it to her collar, and let her come outside on the front porch with me while I sat out there enjoying the rainy weather.

She did really good outside, and I’m sure she’ll want to go back out again soon, but right now she is snoozing on her cat tower with her big sister Patches after a long hour of exploring the great outdoors.

Binxs isn’t the only cat in the family who gets to go on a leash and walk around in the outside world. My family has always had cats who have been allowed to walk outside with a leash on. Sure, people give us odd looks for doing this, especially on road trips when we let the cat stretch its legs in the grass by the car, but the cats love it! My family proudly welcomes Binxs to the leash walking club with open paws, and my only hope is that she never tries to escape without her leash on…

As always my lovely readers, Smile, have an amazing day, and love thy animals. ❤

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