DIY How to Make Your Own Harry Potter and Fairy Wand

What you need:

  • Wooden sticks (I got these from the store, but sticks from outside work too if you take the bark off first),
  • A hot glue gun with extra glue,
  • Paint (your color of choice),
  • Beads or gems for the tip (Optional),
  • Newspaper (because this is going to get a little messy),


What to do:

1. The first thing you need to do is get some sticks. I got some basic wooden sticks from the store for this, but I’ve done this with shaved sticks from outside and I personally think that the wands look better with shaved sticks.

2. Once you have your sticks in order, put some newspaper down on a flat surface and plug your hot glue gun in to warm up.

3. Once the hot glue gun is warm and ready, take your sticks and start adding designs to them. Don’t worry if it looks sloppy, it’ll look better after it’s painted! Make sure to take all of the ‘cobwebs’ off after gluing the wands! (For design ideas, look at the finished picture below.)

4. After all of the wands are designed how you want them, it’s time to paint! Grab a paint color of your choice and start painting! The wood will absorb the paint easily, but the hot glue will be harder to paint over and will need a few coats after drying. For Harry-Potter-like wands, I would suggest just a simple brown or black. If you’re making fairy wands however, I would suggest a more colorful array of colors. (See below for ideas!)

5. Now that the wands have had plenty of time to dry, let’s add the finishing touch (optional)! I bought some cute gems to add to the top of my wands for a more ‘magical’ feeling for the fairy wands. After adding the gems to the fairy wands with the hot glue gun, I decided to add them to the Harry Potter wands too and they looked adorable!


All of the wands turned out beautiful and they were very simple to make! It was fun being creative with all of the wands and I loved how the colors all mashed together with the added bedazzle of the gems. ❤ This is the perfect craft to do with kids (mind the hot glue gun) and the wands are fun to play with when you’re done!

As always my lovely readers, Smile, have an amazing day, and be creative! 😉

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