The ‘GREAT’ Job Military Packers Do

Yesterday, my mother and I went into the attic in an attempt to find one of my witch’s capes. Because after all, you can’t go see the new Fantastic Beasts without dressing up like a wizard!

While we were in the attic, I started going through some of the old boxes that I haven’t looked through since I had left the Military 5 years ago (Army Brat here). For those of you who have never moved with the Military, let me explain the crazy moving experience that comes with the Military..

When you move from base to base, random strangers that the Military hire come to your house to pack up everything you own, put it in a huge truck, and move everything to your next destination (before you even have a house lined up). When these strangers come to your house, they normally come with a team of 3-6 people who spread out throughout the house so that you can’t possibly keep an eye on ALL of them at once.

When it comes to actually packing your stuff, you have three different types of movers;
1) The kind who use a huge box to pack two things with way too much paper to ‘protect’ the items with.
2) The kind who don’t care about your belongings at all and just toss everything in one box willy-nilly.
And 3) The kind of people who, just to screw with you, will put a bunch of garbage in a box with useless items, so that you can cuss them out when you start unpacking and you find a box of literal trash!

Regardless of which mover you get, they all like to play the same practical joke on people (unless you happen to get the good movers every time, in which case, I envy you)… You see, Military movers like to place things in boxes, and then write a description on the side of the box that has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT’S IN THE BOX!
~You think that’s really a box full of kitchen stuff..? Jokes on you, because it’s really the bathroom towels from the side closet!
~What’s that? A box marked ‘Master Bedroom‘? It must be a box full of outdoor patio furniture and the kiddy pool you had in the garage!
~Kids toys? Nope! It’s just the living room TV with a few video games stuffed in, with pillows for padding!

Military movers were (sometimes) the WORST! On rare occasions we would get really good movers, but even then, we would still find some of the above problems when we would arrive at our next house.

That being said, I went through some of my old boxes yesterday to sort through my old stuff. My main goal was to find my wizard cape, but I ended up spending half the morning in the attic as I sorted through a bunch of junk that I no longer needed and I planned to sell, while also cussing out the movers.

The first box I went through was a huge box labeled ‘girls clothes‘. You would think it would have girl clothes in it right..? Hahahahahahaha, nope. Inside, I found a bunch of hangers that were just thrown in the box, along with a bunch of actual garbage, and some odds and ends of random toys, sticky note pads, and a few notebooks. Needless to say the hangers came out, the trash was thrown away, and that box was promptly burned.

In the next few boxes, I had found; a box of old books (labeled ‘books’ in my own handwriting), a box of toys (labeled ‘books and crafts’), and a box of toys and some of my old drawings I used to do (labeled ‘craft room’). I can’t remember how many boxes I had gone through, but by the end of the morning I had finally found one of my capes and I had three boxes of stuff that could go to the flea market to be sold.

This is a picture of what I found when I had opened one of my boxes. Most of them were like this (except for a big box with old soccer trophies in it that was 90% packaging paper).

To say that my family hates Military Movers is an understatement! Yes, I realize that they are people too, with families, and lives, and they are just trying to do their job. But every time we unpack another box from our Military days (and trust me, there is always another box to find and unpack), we get so mad at the condition of the box that we can’t help but wonder what on earth those packers were thinking!

You can take the girl out of the Military, but you can never take the Military out of the girl. That being said, I am so thankful that my family is out of the Military! That doesn’t mean that we still don’t have to deal with their crap, because we deal with the Military’s crap on an almost daily basis. However, at least we can choose to move ourselves, wherever we want, without strangers pulling crap like this.

That is all for today my lovely readers. As always, Smile, have an amazing day, and think happy thoughts. ❤ 😉 ❤

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  1. My husband spent six years in the army and I was right there going through it with him. I do not miss the days of having to pack up everything we own in order to move to our next home! Thank you so much for sharing


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