What I’ve Been Up To This Month

It has been a busy last few months and I can not apologize enough for not posting as much as I should have! So let me catch you guys up on everything I’ve been up to since my last post about my amazing Road Trip!


1) I’m getting ready for the Summer Markets!

As soon as I was back from my road trip, I kicked things into high gear and signed up for the Bluegill Frolic, ALL of the First Friday Markets for my small town, and I got myself signed up for the Flea Market in one of the towns just north of me. Sadly, most of the craft fairs and summer markets don’t start until June, but the Flea Market started two weeks ago, and I intend to be there selling my stuff this weekend!

The Flea Market is going to be a big one for me, as I plan to get rid of all of the junk that I no longer need/want. Trust me, all of the junk I own has truly been piling up throughout all of the years of moving around! A lot has happened in my life as of late, and it has put my life into perspective as to what I need, what I want, and what I truly don’t need or want at all. I need to make my life simpler and selling my old stuff at the local Flea Market is a great way to get rid of old stuff while still making a little side cash.

I have also been crocheting more stuff for craft fairs, and a few more items for a local shop/hangout spot called ‘Patch and Remington’. For Patch and Remington, I had crocheted some special items that fit the theme of the wacky little art shop. Bombs, TNT, and num-chucks!


2) I’ve gotten a head start on my gardens!

That’s right, there will be more blog posts about gardening this year as I (hopefully) get to put in a garden this year for my parents! So far, I’ve only planted some seed starters for cucumbers, and tomatoes, as well as tons of herbs in pots, and some flower bulbs in pots.

There are still snow and frost warnings for the foreseeable future here in Southwest Michigan, so planting in the ground is a far-off fantasy, but I am excited and happy that I get to start seeds and herbs right now! The smell of fresh dirt was truly a welcoming smell when I started filling the pots, and despite the snow, I have had plenty of seeds open up and sprouting out of the top of the soil!

My Microgreens are doing well!


3) I got a part time job!

With me taking a year off to do my markets, I didn’t intend to get an actual 9-5 job until later this Fall.. HOWEVER, fate and friendships had other ideas as I am now helping a good friend of mine at his BBQ truck! So far, it has been a blast! Of course, I’ve only worked two events with him, but it’s good fun and good money on the side. 🙂

I do intend to get a ‘real’ job in late Fall after the markets die down, but for now, I’m working hard to make my own money through craft fairs, flea markets, and side hustles. It’s nowhere near what I would be making if I had a ‘real’ job, but it’s a start for my future small business while I still look for a property to buy.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


4) I’m Decluttering My Life!

This past Saturday, I got the privilege of setting up a spot at the local Flea Market where I sold a lot of my old childhood toys and stuff the family didn’t need.. To my surprise, I did better when I thought and, despite not having too many people stop at my tables, I still managed to make back what I had spent for the booth and a little extra on the side!

For those of you who read my other blog post about the ‘Wonderful’ Military Packers, you’ll know that I’ve been going through a lot of my old junk and prioritizing what I need and what I don’t. I’m thankful to say that I got rid of a lot of big and bulky stuff at the Flea Market, however I still brought more home than I wanted to at the end of the day. Kids today just don’t like the toys that my generation grew up with, and they prefer electronics over doll houses and GI-Joes…


If you think that it’s all work and no play, you would be wrong! I am still making plenty of time to talk to my friends, go see movies with my friends, play sims with my friends, and have long video chat discussions about random things with my friends. I may not be getting as much sleep as I probably should, but my calander is full, I am happy, and my future is underway.

That’s all that has been happening this month for me! It’s certainly been a busy month and it is only going to get busier as the summer continues. 😛 As always my lovely readers, smile, have an amazing day, and don’t forget to make time for yourself! 🥰 I will update you guys again when I have time, but in the meantime, check out some of my favorite bloggers below! (They are truly my favorite to read when I have time to spare!)

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