Pictures from my walk..

Happy (Late) May Day Everyone! The other day was the first day of May and I celebrated it by going outside and taking a nice long walk through the woods! ❤

It has been so snowy these last few months that I have not been able to take too many walks through the woods. Of course, when it did stop snowing, I was busy with my many jobs and I didn’t have time to go on walks during the day.

I tend to forget how peaceful it is to walk through the woods and learn from nature. After all, there is plenty we can learn from nature. While walking through the woods (behind my parents house) I couldn’t help but notice that the pictures I was taking reminded me on Ireland, and I half expected to see fairies popping out in the background of some of these…

I loved the moss all over this old cinderblock! It reminded me of the moss-covered stone walls that my family saw in Ireland. My only thought after seeing all of these pictures was; ‘Where was all of this green in March?!’

I loved taking pictures of the moss all over the property, as there was certainly an abundance of moss! I’m afraid though, that I’ll never see moss and ferns the same way again after taking my plant biology class at college! These pretty things are less magical when you have to dissect them for class.

The pond in the back is also filling up nicely for the summer!

This adorable little chipmunk stopped long enough for me to take a picture. I thanked it for letting me take a picture, and then it scurried off on its little way.

The walk was nice and calming and I forgot how good it felt to just wander around the woods. My walk also showed many promising signs of Spring being in full bloom, and Summer is on its way! The woods were covered in flowers, moss, and different colored brown trees. (And maybe a tick or two..) It was easy to get lost in the colorful, magical, wonder of the woods, but I went back home vowing to take more time for a simple walk through the woods.

Today, it is a cold and stormy day, and I will be staying indoors today as the storm wraps around us. My brother and I are planning on going out thrift shopping today, despite the rain, so we will be safe and warm inside the many thrift shops.

This is where I leave you my lovely readers! As always, smile, have an amazing day, and stay warm and dry if it’s raining where you are too!!!

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