Yardwork Day on The Homestead

Yesterday was such a beautiful and sunny day out here that we all couldn’t help being outside working in the yard! My family has spent the last few days outside either in our own yards, or helping our family with their yards, and it has been the perfect weather for it!

Yesterday started out really cool and breezy, so my mother and I started the morning with mowing the front and back yard of their house. Honestly, it’s not my ‘favorite‘ bit of yard work to do, but I sure do love the view of a freshly mowed lawn.

While I was mowing, I had the common sense to put some of my clothes in the washer to wash. Normally this would only take an hour for washing, but for some unknown reason our washer likes to tack on ANOTHER hour to our washing and we haven’t figured out why yet. (So much for smart washers…) When the mowing was done, my mother helped me lug out the big cloths rack so that I could dry my clothes in the sun today.

There is nothing quite like drying your clothes outside. They smell like a fresh summer’s breeze, and they don’t get all of that nasty static from the dryer! Of course, you still have to shake out all of the bugs and bees, but it’s worth it! I am so glad that it is FINALLY warm enough to dry my clothes outside and that we no longer have to worry about freeze and frost warnings!

Yesterday, being the nice sunny day that it was, I also checked on my herbs in the pots and replanted a few of them. The microgreens in one pot were blooming really good, but in the other pot they had dried up in the sun.. We had panels of glass over them when the frost warnings were still popping up, and sadly I think that’s what fried the microgreens on the right.

My tomato and cucumber starts were also starting to pop up and they were looking really good! Let’s get a round of applause for these gorgeous plants! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

With the washer taking so long, and the sun slowly drying my clothes and towels, I was forced to wait a while before going in and taking a shower. This sadly meant that I couldn’t go take my afternoon nap in my bed, and as we all know, naps are important!

So what is a girl (who is covered in grass and dirt) to do, besides get the old hammock out and take a nap in my trusted covered hammock!

Not the most peaceful nap I’ve had, as it was SO stinkin’ hot and every bee in the area wanted to check out my awesome hammock. However, I was able to take a short nap and it was honestly just nice to lay down and get off my feet after a long afternoon of mowing and gardening.

After a day of yard work, I finally went inside to cook hamburger helper for dinner for the family, took a final walk by the lake, and finally got my shower!

I hope that everyone else in my area is enjoying the nice summer weather and that everyone stays cool in this newfound heat! The trees are full of leaves, the grass is ever-growing, and summer has finally arrived.

As always my lovely readers, smile, have an amazing day, and enjoy the outside weather while it’s good!

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