Dowagiac Farmers Market

Well, guys, yesterday was the first Farmers Market of the season and it was about what I expected it to be.. Slow and boring.

I got there around eight in the morning (the farmers market started at nine) and waited for about ten minutes before another person had shown up. When someone had shown up and started setting up, I followed her lead and set up myself as well. After a while, a third lady had shown up, and then the guy in charge, and the whole party was there! (Apparently.)

Farmers Market Booth in Dowagiac Michigan (Picture from the Dowagiac Facebook Page)

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect so few vendors to show up there.. However, it was only the first day! And after all, who on earth is going to show up on the first day when people are still in school/work and no one even knows the market is open yet?! Hahahaha, me. The answer is me..

Despite there being so few vendors, and so few customers (at least at my booth), I still had a great time! Throughout the long six hours I had to sit there, I had gotten the chance to talk to both of the ladies on either side of my booth, and both of the guys in charge of the market. One lady in particular (we’ll call her ‘the rock lady‘) made the time pass quickly with wonderful conversations throughout the day as we counted down the hours until we could leave.

I was told that the Farmers Market will pick up after school ends, so we shall see together if that rings true… Until then, I am spending the day preparing for First Fridays Farmers Market in Marcellus tomorrow night. I have a big day ahead of me and I am sure that there will be a LOT more people tomorrow in Marcellus than there was yesterday in Dowagiac!

Until next time my lovely readers! Smile, have an amazing day, and find the joy in a crappy day!

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