Fighting Over The Shower

After a long day, what’s better then hopping into a nice warm shower?

Tonight, after stuffing our faces with some good food (baked potatoes and corn on the cob), I got up to take my plate downstairs and take a shower.

Now in my family, it’s a courtesy to announce when you are going to take a shower because we only have one bathroom. This gives anyone the chance to use the bathroom before someone takes an ungodly long shower and takes all of the hot water.

As I was telling my parents that I was going to go hop in the shower, my father quickly got up off the couch, grabbed his sweatpants, and announced that HE iwas going to take a shower first..!

That wasn’t going to happen of course.. And so the game was on, because that shower was MINE first tonight!

When I was halfway down the stairs, my father started laughing above me and saying that I had to go all the way back to my room to get my pajamas, and that he would obviously make it to the bathroom first. Nice try old man.. Little did he know that at the bottom of the stairs was a drying rack with my clean clothes drying on them.

I walked casually to the kitchen (as to not draw suspicion to my plan) and put my dinner plate on the counter. At this point, my father had reached the bottom of the staircase and still had the thought that he could take his time because I had no clothes in the bathroom. As I slowly walked over to the bottom of the staircase to collect some pajamas off the drying rack, my father made his way to the kitchen to take care of his plate from dinner. Seeing my chance, I quickly yanked my clothes and scrubby off the drying rack and quickly dashed to the bathroom, locking the door securely behind me.

Here’s a tip for all of you parents out there: If you’re a crafty and competitive person, your children will be crafty and competitive too! 😉

After turning the water on, I quickly hopped into the shower as my father realized what had happened. His protests were quickly at the door and he started complaining that ‘I had cheated’, but they were short-lived. At first I thought that it was because he knew I had won, but he had other plans..

As the hot water was running down my back and down to my sore feet, all of that nice hot water had turned freezing cold in a second! As soon as I felt the cold water, my instinct was to immediately turn it off and yell at my father (who undoubtedly did it)!

I could hear him laughing from the other room as he suddenly yelled at me that ‘it was what I deserved for stealing his shower’. My mother of course made him turn the hot water back on after a minute of yelling, but the cold water had forced a quick shower after that. Needless to say, I very quickly finished my shower after that, just in case the hot water were to get shut off again.

As soon as I was out of the bathroom, my father had raced in and locked the door behind him.

After a minute or two of him being in the shower, it was only fair that I return the favor and turn the hot water off on him as well! However, apparently cold water doesn’t affect my father, as there was no noise from the bathroom when the hot water was turned off.. I have to hand it to my old man, he’s tough as nails for taking a cold shower in silence. It was a shame that I didn’t hear him scream, however.

When he had gotten out of the shower, there was no mention of the water being cold and had even said that he had a nice hot shower. Either I had done something wrong in turning the hot water off, or he was just trying to not give me the satisfaction of revenge.

Either way, I’ll have to watch my back for the next few days, just in case he seeks more revenge or I have to fight over the shower again. I’ll have to consider hiding a pair of pajamas in the bathroom from now on for situations such as this. 😉

Comment Below! Do you and your family members ever fight over the bathroom?

As always, Smile, have an amazing day, and always be prepared for family shenanigans!

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