Renaissance Festival in Holly Michigan

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to a HUGE Renaissance Fair in Holly Michigan. It was about a three-hour drive, in one big truck with my family, but it was worth it once we got there!

We got there an hour early so that we could wait in line to get in. Those of us who had bought our tickets online were allowed to go to the front of the line. The bad part? Once people got their tickets at the gate, they thought that THEY could go to the front of the line.. So that rule really worked out.. 🙄 Now, an hour’s wait sounds like a long time to wait in line for something, but at the renaissance fair, they made the time pass quickly with plenty of entertaining stories and performances while we all stood there! The pirates had a screaming competition, the little ‘children’ played red rover, and we all had to bow/curtsy when the royals came through.

Once we were allowed to enter the kingdom, the real fun began! We were unleashed to all of the shops, shows, music, royalty, and amazing costumes as we were engulfed in the atmosphere of the renaissance!

To say that this Renaissance Fair was huge would be an understatement! This place was so big that I walked around for seven hours, and I still hadn’t seen everything! In fact, my brother and I were talking about it on the way back, and we had both said that there were many things that we would find in a shop, vowed would come back for, and then we couldn’t find the shop again!

Not only were there tons of cute shops, but the costumes that people were wearing were more spectacular than anything else there! I think that it’s the people who dress up that make Renaissance Fairs so amazing. When people dress up, it immerses you in that environment more than any of the shops and food possibly can. Without the costumes, we would just be people going to a Fair. But when we dress up, we become PART of the Renaissance Fair! Oh yeah, and did I mention that this weekend’s theme was Vikings??.. How awesome is that!

A special thank you to all of the people who let me take pictures of/with them for my Blog! You guys truly had some amazing costumes! Also a special thank you to my ‘new family’ I made while I was there! You guys were truly cool to hang out with and I hope that you see this!

The Renaissance fair was much fun, and I had actually ended up spending half of the day with ‘my new family’ that I had met there! We walked around, went to an amazing Irish music show together, and talked for hours like we were old friends! I had even let one of the girls in ‘my new family’ name my pet dragon! Meet Fire Stream!

This awesome little dragon sits on my shoulder and moves its head around to look at people. It was a great way to start conversations and make new friends while I was there, and it just looks so realistic! I was having so much fun scaring people with my dragon! It would suddenly move it’s head when someone went to pet it, and I had a lot of adults screaming and jumping back at that. My dragon also liked dance to the music that was playing, and it made a lot of people do a double take!

Speaking of music! There was so much music there at the Fair! Most of it was Irish music, so I was in heaven! I grew up listening to a lot of Irish, Celtic, and Scottish music, so it was amazing to watch people perform the songs that I grew up with, and I learned a lot of new songs as well!

Good food, good shops, good music, and good people. This Renaissance Fair truly had it all! The only downside was that my whole family was exhausted well before we had even gotten back to the truck! It’s a good thing we took ‘before pictures’ because any pictures towards the end probably looked awful with how tired and sweaty we were!

(I was leaning against a tree, just in case anyone is wondering why I look like I’m standing funny.)

After eight hours at the fair, and six hours of driving there and back, we were all ready to climb into bed and call it a day!

Well, that’s it for today! Enjoy the pictures below, and comment on who’s outfit is the cutest! Do YOU dress up for Renaissance Fairs? Have you ever been to the Holly Renaissance Fair? Comment Below! As always, smile, have an amazing day, and never be afraid to dress for the occasion!

For more info about this Renaissance Fair, click here:


  1. That looks so much fun and I agree, something like that, the costumes help to create that atmosphere too.
    I love your dragon.
    I haven’t been to anything like this before. I think the UK does something like this. But I am not too sure.

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    • I had gotten to go to one Renaissance Fair when I lived in Germany, and that one was pretty cool! It was much smaller than this one though, and it was odd hearing everyone talk in another language. Here in the U.S., there are Renaissance Fairs everywhere, but I haven’t had the chance to go to one this year until now.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well if we’re talking zombies!… I would take an old outfit that I don’t wear anymore, rip it up, add a bunch of fake blood EVERYWHERE, and then add the zombie makeup! (I may just add the dragon too!) I go all out for everything, especially Halloween! It’s so fun to dress up and shock people with my outfits!

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