A New Walking Trail Through The Woods

So my father’s new ‘toy’ FINALLY came in, and he has only gotten off his new tractor to eat and sleep. He had ordered this tractor months ago, but the place he had ordered it from had told him that it wouldn’t be available until September.. (Fat lot of good that does, especially when we wanted to use it for plowing gardens!)

My father has been doing a LOT with his new tractor, and one of the many things he has been doing is creating a ‘road’ around the property so that we can all have nice walks through the woods without having to walk through prickers and vines.

After my father joined the Military, the property just kinda sat there for 10+ years while the family moved around a lot. While we were away, the property started growing into the jungle that it is now! This leads us to modern day, where we are now trying to work with the land to make it functional for us and the earth/wildlife around here.

This new trail follows the edge of the property line, around the pond in the center of the property, and is going to loop back around to the house in a giant U shape. This trail is MUCH wider than the old trail (as seen in the pictures below) and we don’t have to worry about all of the prickers and poison-ivy that littered the ground!

Sadly, my father is still getting the hang of his ‘new toy’, and he managed to get it stuck in the muddy pond the other day! (See that mud spot in the picture below? That’s where my father got stuck..) He swears that he wasn’t that close to the pond and that the mud just came out of nowhere! It took him and my mother a good hour or two to get him unstuck and back to the house in one piece.

Thanks to this beautiful new path through the woods, I am now making it a habit to go for walks through the woods almost every day. It is not only helping me to reduce stress (because I love walking through the woods), but it also gets me moving on those days when I’m just too lazy and I don’t feel like going for a long walk around the lake.

Besides, why would I want to go for a walk by the lake, when I have this beautiful view! Especially now that the leaves are just starting to change, I can only imagine how beautiful this path is going to look once Autumn is in full bloom here!

That’s it for today! I’m off to mow the grass and then relax on the front porch for a while! As always my lovely readers, smile, have an amazing day, and take a walk through some nature today!

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