Cute Treats For Flight Attendants

At the end of August, I had gone on my very first solo trip across the country! I have flown on airplanes plenty of times with my family thanks to the Military. However! This trip was my very first solo trip (unless you count my day trip up north), as well as my first time flying without my family! And I’ll be honest… It was honestly more fun to travel by myself than to travel with my family!

While I was looking up information about/for the airport, I came across a travel blog where this lady had talked about giving little gifts of chocolate to the flight attendants. I thought that this was a REALLY cute idea! However, when I had tried to look up other cute gift ideas for flight attendants (as well as other nice things people had done for them) I had either found 1) Christmas present ideas for a flight attendant family/friend, or 2) my search bars would come up with ‘Did you mean; “mean things people say/do to flight attendants“?’ I was shocked that the only thing I could find about flight attendants, were all of the mean things people say/did to them!

So my goal for today is to put something POSITIVE out on the internet about flight attendants because they deserve it! And hopefully, I will inspire more people to do kind things, not just for flight attendants, but for any workers out there who don’t always get the respect they deserve!



The Goodie Bags I Made For My Flight Attendants:

The first thing I needed for a goodie bag was, well, a bag! I was going to use those cute little mesh bags that people put jewelry in, however, I couldn’t find any of mine! (This was very annoying because I know I have TONS of them somewhere, I’m just not sure where!) So, I went to Walmart, and I found these little gems!

After messing around with Microsoft Word for about an hour, I had cute little messages written out inside of a little scroll and printed off. A few minutes of cutting and taping later, and I had an adorable little bag for my candy!

Right before the flight, I went over to the Dollar store and bought some little bags of Dove and Cadbury chocolate to put into these bags. With that, they were ready to go!


These goodie bags were so much fun to give out to the flight attendants, and I had even brought some extra ones for anyone else I thought might need a pick-me-up! The flight attendants all loved them! Every time I had given one out, I was always met with smiles and ‘aww’s.

As for the ‘extra’ bags that I had handed out, I had given two bags (at two different airports) to the people who were scanning our tickets before boarding the flight. They seemed to be in a bad mood after standing at the gate for hours, watching people show up two seconds before a flight and act like they were totally on time… I can’t tell you how great it felt to see them light up with a smile after a few hours of watching them run around and deal with angry passengers.

Another one of my ‘extra bags’ was given to two airport crew members I found while walking around before my 8pm flight. These poor people were falling asleep on each other in the waiting area, waiting for someone to call them their next job, and they looked just as tired as I felt! Seeing the perfect opportunity to give away my last bag, I went up to them and told them that they looked like they needed a pick-me-up. After handing them the bag of chocolates, they were suddenly wide awake with excitement from the random stranger bringing them sweets! With that last bag gone, I went back to my gate to wait for my last flight that would take me home.

Random acts of kindness not only brighten the days of others, but it makes my day so much more fulfilling knowing that I made someone smile! I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when I remind them that there is still good in the world. I shall keep finding new ways to spread kindness and joy, and I hope that I inspire other people to do the same!

COMMENT BELOW! Have you ever done a random act of kindness? Have you even given treats to your flight attendants? Spread some kindness in the comment section and let us know how YOU spread kindness!

As always my lovely readers, smile, have an amazing day, and keep being kind!


  1. What an adorable idea!! I can only imagine how much you made their day brighter. Their job seems quite stressful and it sounds like it took the stress off of your travel day too! I’m so glad. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing

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    • Thank you! As someone who was very anxious about flying alone, this certainly took a bit of the stress off of traveling. This also created a great conversation starter for talking to new people, and that made me feel more comfortable as well. Plus, I honestly just wanted to spread some more joy in the world, and everyone who got the bags 100% deserved the chocolates! Especially everyone who got them at 8pm after a long day of work! My only regret was not taking more bags to do this with!


      • Next time you can make more ☺️. How’s married life treating you? Are you guys branching out by getting a farm of your own or are you building a place on your parents farm? I feel like I haven’t caught up on your blog in forever. Apologies for that, I’ve been working really hard on my own blog stories and photography lately. There’s a wonderful blog I admire who’s writing a piece on me so I’ve been gearing up for that while juggling things on my farm. πŸ’— Looking forward to catching up with you

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol well, not married yet, but I am still looking for my future farm. I will hopefully not be stuck on my parent’s property forever, but finding cheap land around here is impossible! Also, I’m afraid there isn’t much to catch up on with my blog, as I have been unable to write much. I really need to catch up on your blog too! I feel like it’s been forever since I have gotten to look through other people’s blogs. It’s been a busy summer for us all! Congrats on the piece being written about you, that’s always exciting! πŸ’– I can’t wait to read it when it comes out! You’ll have to put a link to it in your next blog post!


      • Ugh sorry!! You and another blogger I know have a similar handle and I sometimes get you two mixed up. I’ve been recovering from Covid as well (ended up with long haul Covid) and the memory issues are horrible 😫. So forgive me for getting you two mixed up but I HAVE missed a few of your posts and I love your blog so I’ll rectify that as soon as possible πŸ’—. I’m soooo excited about the piece. It was really kind of her and her blog is amazing (Bosssybabe “Jen”). Her blog is soooo yummy. You’d love it! Sorry again for the confusion I swear I didn’t mean it. 😘

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      • Lol it’s alright, I figured that you had me mixed up with the other Farm Girl. πŸ˜‚ I follow her too and I knew that she just got married, so I put two and two together. At least you gave me a good chuckle for today! πŸ˜‰ Covid is going rampant around Michigan as well, so I’m sorry to hear that you got it. And I’ll have to check out this other blogger today! πŸ™‚ Thanks! ❀


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