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Hey guys! Have I got a real hidden gem for you today! I have been waiting to do this blog post until Patch and Remington was ‘officially‘ open for business. However, this is a place that I’ve been coming to for the past year while they get everything set up and running, and I have LOVED watching it transform into the booming place it is today!

What is ‘Patch and Remington’, you may ask? Well, it is; an Art Gallery, an Art Shop, a Workspace, a Learning Center, a Community Hangout, a Yoga Studio, a gaming cafe, and a soon-to-be Coffee Shop! This place has it all! It is home to Bloggers (like me), Radio Shows, Crocheters, Painters, Wood Workers, Jewelry Makers, everyday people young and old, and so much more!

Patch and Remington first opened their doors in 2021, but thanks to the pandemic, they couldn’t turn this place into the community hangout space that they wanted right away. After two years of hard work (and a nice-sized check from a few fundraisers), Tony and Sarah (the owners) were able to collect the funds for new furniture, state-of-the-art computers, printers (both 3D and normal), a coffee bar, and lots of little upgrades here and there!

When you first walk into Patch and Remington, there are plenty of places to sit and relax, socialize, and do work. From tables and chairs in the back, to bar stools by the window, and even a comfy couch that looks out to a sea of plants. There are plenty of places to rest your tired feet! I even have my very own workspace right in front of the art!

If you don’t feel like working, or you need a break (like I do often), there is plenty of art to look at to pass the time. You can’t possibly get bored of the artwork here because it changes once a month, and you never know what kind of art you will see when you walk through the doors of Patch and Remington!

Besides the ‘traditional’ art on the walls, there are many other forms of art around Patch and Remington that are worth checking out! The owners Tony and Sarah like to encourage everyone to be creative, and they insist that EVERYTHING is art! This is why almost every piece of art is for sale, and most of it is from local artists!

Everything sold at Patch and Remington is created (in some way or another) by hand, and every artist gets to put their stuff here free of charge!

Feeling inspired by the art? This is the perfect place to pull up a chair, grab your computer (or use the many computers provided here), and get to work!
Need to print something? They have printers!
Don’t have a computer? They have ones here!
Always wanted to try your hand at 3D printing? They have those here too!

Patch and Remington aspires to give everyone in the community a safe space to learn, teach, create, and be inspired. They give artists a chance to show off their work. They give people the tools to start their own businesses. They teach classes on a wide variety of topics to broaden people’s minds and to help them explore new paths in life. And they do this all because they love their community, and they want to give the new generation a little slice of what they didn’t have growing up; a place to go for anything and everything.

In addition to all of the amazing stuff that Patch and Remington have to offer, they are adding a little coffee shop in the back as well! How can anyone resist that sweet smell of coffee while typing away at a keyboard for hours on end?

Tony and Sarah want to give the community a place to gather. They want to give people a place to work from home at. They want to give kids a place to learn and be creative while staying out of trouble. And they want to give an outlet to those of us who want to keep learning and live outside of the box.

So come on into Patch and Remington today! I promised that you won’t be disappointed! Located in Marcellus Michigan on Main Street!

They are OPEN:
Thursday 11-6
Friday 11-6
Saturday 11-6
Sunday 11-3

To Visit their Facebook Page, CLICK HERE!

To Visit their website and learn more about Classes, Exhibitions, and Local Events, CLICK HERE!

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  1. Love this! Your blog is awesome, thank you for showcasing this gem in our beautiful growing community! They deserve it! I’m so excited to see the growth each time I visit too!

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