How To Make a Leaf Maze That Will Entertain Your Kids for Hours

This is a super simple project that will entertain the kids for hours on a chilly Autumn Day! My father used to make leaf mazes for my brother and I, and now I’m passing along this tradition to you guys for your kids!

This is a super simple thing you can do when there are plenty of leaves on the ground, and all you need is a rake, about ten minutes of your time, and some creativity!


Step 1:

Find a nice flat part of your yard that is covered in leaves! It doesn’t matter if there are trees in the way, in fact, making the path go around trees makes it harder to solve and more fun for the parents to watch!


Step 2:

Grab a rake and make the main path(s) that lead people from Point-A to Point-B. In the picture above, I did three different exits/entrances, but it is easier to start out with just two. Try to make this path as twisty and curvy as your yard will allow, DON’T just do a straight line!


Step 3:

Now that you have the main path laid out, it’s time to start making the pathways and dead ends that are going to be the pillars for the maze! Try to make things a bit confusing by having; 1) paths that lead to nowhere, 2) paths that connect to other paths, and 3) pathways that look like they are going to connect to another path, but don’t! In the picture above, you can see the original path in orange, and all of the misleading pathways in yellow. (For my colorblind people, I apologize, and I hope that you can still see the paths without the help of me color coding it!)


Step 4:

Your maze should look something like the picture above when you’re done. Bring the kids out (because they OBVIOUSLY weren’t watching you build this from the window *wink wink*) and let them lose! My neighbors and I when I was little used to love playing tag in leaf mazes! Every turn was a new path, and you couldn’t easily run away from someone in a leaf maze!

Leaf mazes are fun, they are quick and easy to make, and clean-up is a breeze! And the best part is that the leaves are going to keep falling, so when you’re done, just wait and make another one!


Alright my lovely readers, that’s it for today! If you are looking for more Autumn related content, of you just feel in the crafty mood, check out some of these blog posts below! Don’t forget to COMMENT BELOW on how you and/or your kids enjoyed the leaf maze. And as always, Smile, have an amazing day, and make the most of your Autumn!


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