Life Updates as Winter Approaches


Good morning my lovely readers! If you are still here reading this post after all this time of waiting, I congratulate you for putting up with my constant writer’s block and busy life… It has been hard for me to find time (or inspiration) to write on these cold winter days, but inspiration stuck me today and I needed to update you guys on what I’ve been up to!

So, what have I been so busy with these past few months since I’ve last wrote on here? Well!!!

First off, I got a job again! That’s right, after taking the Spring/Summer off to do craft fairs and farmers markets, I finally got a job in agriculture! (More or less…) For many reasons, I will not be saying where I work at now. However, I can tell you that I work for an amazing farm store where I get to help people answer farming questions and help them find what they are looking for. For me, this is an amazing job because I get to learn the answer to a lot of these questions first, and then I get to have the feedback from a lot of the costumers as to some nice tips and tricks for animals, farming, and building projects.

Although I have a nice new job to cheer me up and get things moving again, saying goodbye to the craft fairs for the year was very sad. I had made a lot of new friends while doing all of the craft fairs, and it was hard to say goodbye to everyone without the promise that I would get to see them next year… As of right now, I truly don’t know if I will get to do the craft fairs next year, and we never truly know what the next year will bring.

With the last of the markets ending in October, I did get one final barter in for the year, and I welcomed yet another member into the ‘Hat and Beard’ club! I had bartered one of my smaller hat and beards for two beautiful bowl cozies and a wreath pillow. I had bartered with a good friend of mine who had made us all laugh by wearing the hat and beard at the very last market day. The beard was so form fitting to her face that it moved when she talked, making us all giggle when she would have a normal conversation with it on.

I will truly miss all of my fellow crafters, and I can only hope that I will get to continue with the craft fairs next year! ❤


Besides the craft fairs being over, and my new job taking off, there have been some small things that have happened around the property that are worth mentioning!

First off, my father had made a deal with someone for some woodchips. Now, I’m not entirely sure what he had traded for these woodchips, but I’m pretty sure my father’s soul is missing, because we get a huge pile of woodchips every week… 🤔😏 My father has been using these woodchips to layer the pathway in the woods so that it is a much quieter walking (mostly for hunting purposes), the mud levels are way down, and it smells like Christmas trees when you walk down the path! Of course, we have been allowed to walk to the back of the property since hunting season started because we could scare off the animals. 😓 So even with our pretty new paths, we don’t get to walk down them much at the moment.

I know that you can’t see a ‘huge‘ difference in these pictures, but trust me, the pathway is a LOT less muddy!

The second new thing on the property is the new puppy! My parents got a new puppy that has really turned their lives upside down! They are now spoiling this puppy and treating it like it’s their one and only grandchild. (Thankfully, this gives my brother and I a few more years of not hearing the words ‘when do we get grandchildren?‘) This handsome little puppy’s name is Zuko, and we welcome him with open arms into our family! (Sorry for the somewhat blurry picture, he wouldn’t stay still long enough to take a proper one.)


I have a few more things in the works as far as my life goes, but I shall not mention them on here until something actually happens. Until then, you shall just have to wait for another update. For now, I am happy, healthy, and my usual abnormally upbeat self!

Until next time my lovely readers, have an amazing day, smile, and keep warm this winter!

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