Christmas Preparations


Good afternoon my lovely readers! Oh how I’ve missed sitting down in a quiet room to write my weekly blog post! Of course, the last few posts were written at my quiet table at Patch and Remington, but today I am writing by the crackling fireplace at my parents’ house, and that will have to do for today.

Today is one of my few days off, and I am spending it making goodies, writing out Christmas cards, and enjoying the peace and quiet of the house while everyone is gone for the afternoon. And the best part? This beautiful view!

The whole house is decked out with holiday cheer, and it is quite a sight to behold! It cheers me up to look around at all of these pretty decorations all around the house and I can’t wait to have a house of my own to decorate one day…

The antler rack in the bathroom is the perfect place to choose which headband I am going to wear for the day at work. And the poinsettias (both real and fake) look beautiful in the bathroom!

Our tiny little Christmas tree is set up on the stairs, and it has all of our glass ornaments from Germany on it. It may be tiny, but it’s all my parents have room for at the moment, and the ornaments remind us of our adventures in Germany. ❤

My father’s bar is even festive with his grinches and candy on it, spread out amongst all of his glasses from every place he’s been.

And of course we couldn’t forget about the kitchen! This is where we have been spending a LOT of time at during the holiday season! The cold garage is filled with cooling fudge and various kinds of cookies as the holiday baking is at an all-time high this week with Christmas just 6 days away, and the Winter Solstice 2 days away!

See Recipes Below:


Holiday cards are done, the goodies are made, and dinner is ready. I will end the post here for the day and wish you all Happy Holidays! There is still plenty to do tonight (and the rest of the week), as none of the gifts are wrapped and only half the holiday goodies are made.

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and enjoy your holidays!


  1. I’m new to your blog. Tell me more about your adventures in Germany! Was your dad stationed there? Some of my family roots are from Germany. My grandmother used to get a package every year from Germany…stuffed with lots of German marzipan, advent calendars, etc. Good memories.

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    • Welcome to my blog! Yes my dad was stationed there for the Military, we spent three years over there and we got to travel around to a lot of the local areas! Quite a bit of my family roots are from Ireland, but we have a bit of German in us as well. It was certainly an experience to live over in Germany, and everyone was so nice over there! Some of the things I miss about it over there was how green everything was (nature was everywhere!), and how eco-friendly they were there. Not because they had to be, but because it just made sense to be. And everything there was handmade and made to last, I miss that too! Christmas there was always so magical as well, with all of their Christmas markets, huge wooden Christmas Carousels, and their wooden handcrafted ornaments in every shop. 🥰 Plenty of good memories from my time in Germany!

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