Pictures Of Last Weeks Snow


The rain today has taken the last of the snow away from southwest Michigan, but last week, this is what the yard looks like out at the property.

These are just a few pictures I took while walking through the woods last week. My mother and I were a little surprised that the robins were out in the trees while we were walking, as it is still very much winter! However, if the robins decide they can handle this weather, by golly we will let them stay!

Another animal who loved the snow was my parents’ new dog. Just look how happy this puppy is when he’s burying his face in the fresh new snow!

Today we have been bombarded with enough rain to wash away every last bit of snow we had gotten last week. Wich is fantastic! Because as pretty as the snow is here, it has been a real pain to drive in!

With that, I bid you guys farewell and until next time, smile, have an amazing day, and enjoy the quiet rainy days! ❤


  1. Nice pictures! We got a big dose of that wet snow as well, this morning (Eastern Iowa) The thought crossed my mind to grab the camera and do what you did here, but I wimped out. Stayed inside for the most part,building new shelves for my wife’s food pantry. Really random question. Your blog is named Farmgirl homesteading. If money was no object, what would your dream homesteading situation look like? You may have already posted some of that elsewhere on your blog…I was just curious. DM

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    • Haha, the ONLY reason I was out in the snow was because I had to walk the dog, otherwise I was inside by the nice wood stove! It was probably about ten degrees outside when I took these pictures. 😅 And that’s a great question! If money was truly no object, I wouldn’t go ‘too’ crazy, just a nice little ten-acre farm would be the perfect size for me. I would love a nice large greenhouse for early spring planting, and maybe a little greenhouse attached to the house by the kitchen for growing herbs and a few dwarf lemon and lime trees with a compost right outside. I would have tons of fruit and nut trees surrounding the property (and surrounding the house), and I would make sure to have a place for me to grow my cut flowers and veggies. As far as animals go, I would certainly have chickens for eggs, angora bunnies for fur, and goats for milk. And to top it all off, I would have a nice little barn filled with spare wood and tools for building anything my imagination could plan up! Great question! I love daydreaming about my future homestead, and I know I’ll get it someday. Although I would get it a lot quicker if money truly was no object.

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      • I’ll tell you a quick story. When I was in my late 20’s, I was taking a night class @ church, where we were challenged to think about goals. 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, end of life goals…(and we were told to not filter those goals through the lens of how would I be able to pay for it). the goals were not just material goals, also relationship get the idea. Anyway, my long term goal was to be living in the country on an acreage, out of debt, surrounded by animals, and growing things, At the time, we were renting a house, living paycheck to pay check. Flash forward, about 12 years after I’d done that goal setting exercise…I kid you not, every last one of those goals had become a reality, all the while, living on 1 blue collar income, w/ a wife and 4 children. There is something powerful that happens, the more specific we can be with goals. That is the back story of why I asked you that question. I love the details of your long term goals! DM

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      • I love that, it’s so motivating! That’s amazing that you were able to achieve your goals like that! I know that someday I’ll have all of my dream property. Life gets in the way a lot, but I believe that it’s only because we are getting what we need, before we get what we want. The universe works in amazing ways, and I know that when the time is right, I will have the property I described and so much more. 🙂 And I hope that you are still making those life goals for yourself each and every year!


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