Welcome Spring!


Okay, full disclosure, I know it’s not actually spring yet… But outside the sun is shining through the bare boned trees (melting the morning frost we woke up to), the birds are chirping loudly at the bird feeders, and the weather is supposed to get up into the 60’s this week!

Today I am enjoying the sun from Patch and Remington (my favorite little coffee shop / art gallery to write my blog posts at). The bright light shining in through the windows adds the perfect ambiance for my spring blog post today!

Spring is always so bright and colorful, and I love seeing all of the colors after a few months of seeing nothing but white and brown..

Spring is the time for things to come alive as well! And after spending all day, every day, inside for the winter, I feel myself coming alive with energy every time I look outside and see another splash of color thanks to the sun, or the birds, or the plants that surround the property. 🌹🌺🌻🌼🏵️

You know what else I love about Spring? The rain!!! First off, it washes away all of that awful snow! And although, yes, it makes mud.. I would much rather deal with a little mud than drive on the icy roads of Winter!

You know what else is great about rainy days?! It’s a RAINY DAY! You get to stay inside, curl up with a good book, sip the nice warm tea you made yourself, and listen to the rain as it hits the roof. And the smell! Have you ever walked outside and knew it was going to rain because of the smell outside? I love that smell!

And you know what else is great about Spring?? You get to start planting things! Seeds come out in every store! There are buckets of fresh dirt/compost all over the house, ready for planting. And everyone is posting about how many seeds they are starting, what they are growing, and gardening tips they learned from the previous years.


COMMENT BELOW! What’s your favorite thing about Spring? Does it look like Spring where you live? What are you planning to grow this Spring in your gardens?

As always, Smile, have an amazing day, and think of Spring!


  1. It’s been quite warm a couple of occasions in the last few weeks. But spring is not here just yet. But when it does, my snowdrops and daffodils should show themselves in my border.

    I plan to grow some food in pots this year and other plants. I have a garden update post that reveals what I plan to grow. I shall start some of these seeds from next month.

    I have been walking out at my usual local res regular over the months, whatever the westher. So I have enjoyed the changing seasons.
    I noticed recently spring bulbs there starting to poke through. So I will enjoy those when they show their display.

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    • I think I seen a few bulbs starting to poke out of the ground on my walk the other day, but besides that I have yet to see any flowers. (Disclaimer, these pictures are all from previous Springs.)

      I too will be growing stuff in pots this year, but just tiny pots of herbs. Great tip; potatoes and tomatoes grow really well in pots! HOWEVER! Never do the Pinterest hack where you put them in the SAME pot! They grow great, but by time the tomatoes stop growing, the potatoes have rotted away underneath, and in order to harvest them on time, you have to dig up your tomato plant.. Besides that, I’ve also had luck growing carrots in a pot! For some reason I couldn’t get them to grow in the ground here, but they thrived in pots! Oh, and my onions did amazing in a pot! I can’t wait to read all about what you’re planting this year!

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      • Yes, I did well with carrots in pots too one year.
        I have tomatoes too, so I hope to maybe grow them this year.

        I have never seen the suggestion of tomatoes and potatoes in the same pot. I wouldn’t dream of it because of the room potatoes need.

        I have some herbs seeds. I shall see whether this year or next. I don’t want to take on too much.


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