Thrift Store Finds


The other day, my boyfriend and I had decided to see if we could find some bookshelves at the local thrift store to add some storage space to this apartment. Our goal was to not only find storage options for our new place, but to find something we can actually carry up the stairs as well (we live on the second floor).

This is what we ended up finding..

The first item we found was this small bookshelf. I had a LOT of square cloth baskets at home that nestled nicely into the bookshelf. Sure, it had a bit of paint on it here and there, but that just added to the character of the bookshelf. Now with the help of the cloth baskets, we can hide all of the junk we have, and it still looks nice! And it was only $10!

The next thing we found was this beautiful bookshelf that could be closed up to a wooden cabinet. We debated for a few hours on what we would use it for (a bookshelf, tea cabinet, DVD shelf, etc..), and in the end it ended up being a place for me to store all of my office stuff such as my cards, wax seals, ink pens, and glass/feather quills. This was also a $10 find, and for just twenty bucks, we managed to add a lot of storage space to the apartment!

Something that my boyfriend found, was this Stanley Miter Saw from the early 1900s. There was no price on it when we found it, so we brought it up and asked the lady at the front how much it was. When she responded with “How does twelve dollars sound?” My boyfriend said, “I’ll take it!” And in the truck it went!

Another item we found was this old saw, which the thrift shop offered $4 for. We bought this in a heartbeat and my boyfriend plans to clean it up and use it on our future homestead. (Although I’m almost certain that it’s going to end up as a wall decoration instead of being cleaned up and used.)

Next time we head to the thrift shop, I am hoping to find myself a desk to write at as well. Right now, I’m using the dining room table to write at (which is a great place), but I would rather be looking out at the trees outside than at the wall.

That’s it for this time. As always, Smile, have an amazing day, and visit your local thrift shop! Comment Below! Do you visit your local thrift shop when you need something? What’s the first thing you look for at thrift shops? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found at a thrift shop?


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