How my day is going..

So my day started with a red sky in the morning (sailors take warning)..  I should have known that it would be a crappy day because of this..


My brother and I drove to college on pure ICE!  Our dirt road wasn’t plowed, the paved roads were plowed but were all ice, and the only good roads we seen today were at the college and in town.


We made it there safe and sound thankfully, and went off to classes.

I had a test in Business class, got an 85% on it, not bad..  (I could have done better.)

Then after Business class, I raced off to lunch to sit with my friend Kenna and some other friends around college (our table has become popular and we had to have two tables for everyone today).

After lunch, my brother and I went off to Personal Finance class (a class we both share) and we spent a half hour going over home/car insurance, and then spent the rest of the time going over homework problems.

After school was over, my brother and I had to go into town and see if we could get a dentist appointment for my brother.  I sat there for about half an hour while my brother got his teeth X-rayed.  Then we had to go pick up some antibiotics for him and his teeth pains.

What does one do while you wait for people to get your prescription ready..?  You take your blood pressure on the ‘free blood pressure machine’ of course!


Finally, after that, we got to go home where I had to deal with some annoying homework that needed done.

So far it hasn’t been the best day..  We had about a foot and a half of snow that dropped on us Monday and Tuesday, and my brother is just learning to drive on snow for the first time.  College is getting more intense as the end of the semester drags closer.  And I’ve been dealing with a lot of college drama so far this week..  (There honestly hasn’t been much drama in college, but I suppose that it’s to be expected more and more as finals draw closer.)


(I hope that everyone else has a better day today than I did yesterday!  No matter how bleak your day looks, I hope that you can find something that brightens your day!  For me yesterday, seeing my friend Sabation with purple dyed hair was the highlight of my day!)


  1. Hi Deanna! 🙂

    So happy to catch up with you and college life. Although you didn’t enjoy this particular day, I still find it interesting. I love the pictures you included! I especially love the part about your friend dying his hair purple. So cool! Purple is one my favorite colors.

    How’s your brother doing with his pain? Did he have an infection? Hope he’s feeling better. I feel his pain, or rather, I’m getting ready to. My aligners are finally arriving today. And I’ve done all I can to prepare myself (mentally and physically) to begin my seven-month Smile Journey. Anyways, I’m off to read another post of yours.

    ❤ Talk to ya soon! ❤

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    • Hi! So nice to hear from you!

      I really wish I could have taken a picture of my friends purple hair, it was so cool! (Maybe I’ll get one next week before it washes out!)

      My brother is doing better now that he’s got his pain pills. He needs a root canal soon, so I’m guessing the pain isn’t too pleasant.. 😛 And yay! That’s great that you got your aligners today! I can’t wait to read your next post about it!

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