My Morning Walks

Every morning after I get up, I like to start my day off with a good walk through the gardens.  After all, what’s a better way to start ones morning than going on a walk and getting some fresh air in the gardens?

The first thing I have to do the second I walk through the door is to give our outside cats some breakfast.  They have a bad habit of tripping me (on purpose) if the first thing I do isn’t feed them.


After feeding the cats, I make my way over to the flower garden to check on my flowers.  There has been a rabbit in there nibbling on my cosmos, but everything else looks pretty much untouched.  (Excuse the weeds.)

Big Zinnias

After walking through the flower garden, I make my way over to my veggie garden to check on what few pole beans are actually growing there this year.  Again, my veggie garden is very scarce this year as I had old seeds and mother nature wasn’t kind.


Last stop on the list, my flower-pot garden!  It’s looking pretty good filled with half flowers and half veggies!  I’ve been growing little zinnias in pots to surprise my grandmother and mother with later this year, but they seem to be growing slow because of the constant weather changing.

Little zinnias
Small pot of lettuce
From left to right: Lettuce, lettuce, carrots, carrots, onions.

After walking around the property once to check the gardens, I normally go around again just to take in the pretty scenery.  This morning, I decided to share some pictures of the flowers around the property.  Since everyone has been taking pictures of their tiger lilies, I thought that I would share a picture of the pretty red ones we have growing by the fence!  I also got lucky enough to find a tiny frog in one of the lilies over in the fairy garden!  I was so excited to find that this morning and I’m even more excited to show y’all!




I don’t know what it is about my morning walks, but something about it just wakes me up in the morning and gives me a great start to the day.  Maybe it’s because of the fresh country air?  Or maybe it’s because I get to see something so beautiful (such as the flowers) and I get to watch things grow everyday that never give up no mater the weather (such as my veggies and flowers).  Or maybe it’s all of the above.  Whatever it is, it remains one of the best ways to wake myself up in the morning and it’s a great way to start my day!

Do you like to take morning walks, and if so, where?  What’s the best way for you to wake yourself up in the morning?  Don’t want to miss out on more pictures from my morning walk, check them out on Facebook!  Comment below which picture was your favorite!

As always, smile, be happy, and remember to stop and smell the flowers.


  1. Your walks sound lovely. Yes, cats are SO demanding. And your gardens look like they’re coming along beautifully, even if slower than us in the south. I’ve got tons of weeds in my garden too, I’ve kind of let some things go to shit, lol. But we’ve been getting a lot more rain recently.
    I’m trying to get caught up on my WordPress Reader, but I’ve got slow speed and I’m having so much trouble getting blogs & photos to load. This could take all day, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I too have let the weeds just take over.. I just don’t have time to stay on top of the weeds this year and I don’t see much of a point if they are just going to keep coming back. Good thing most weeds don’t actually ‘hurt’ the plants.
      I agree with you, it seams that I can never keep up with reading other peoples blog posts, and uploading posts for myself end up taking all day. 😛


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