Two final exams and a model for my hats and beards!

Today has been a long day..  Two finals have been taken, a friend of mine modeled for my Etsy shop, and my brother and I took my car into the mechanics to get it checked out before winter..


I had my final exams in both Business and Personal Finance today, and I did fairly well on one of them.  I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not like other college students.  While the other students are worrying about their final grades, and what classes they have to take next semester for whatever degree they are on track to have, I am over here looking back at everything I’ve learned this year and not worrying about any final grades at all!

The amount I’ve learned is truly astonishing!  I give a lot of the credit to all of my amazing teachers, who have not only spent the past three months teaching me these hard subjects, but also putting up with me when I didn’t understand a lot of it..

((One more final exam in Spanish tomorrow, and them I’m FREE!))

After both of my finals (that were back to back, same teacher, same room, different subjects), I met up with my friend Thor, whom I had asked earlier to model my hats and beards for my Etsy shop.  He was a huge help today!  Because my hats and beards don’t fit on my manikin head at home, I needed someone to wear them to show people on my Etsy shop how they looked..  And not to brag but, they look awesome!

(Check out some of the finished products here:


My friend was really a trooper today!  Thor tried on about 14 different hats and beards (and those things are stinken HOT when you’re wearing them inside), and kept a straight face for the pictures (even when I was trying not to laugh behind the camera)!  It was so cool seeing someone else wearing my hats and beards today!  And the best part?  Thor got to pick one to keep for himself at the end of all of this!


After school my brother and I had an appointment to take my truck in to get it check out before winter ‘truly’ arrives, and then went home to enjoy our ‘almost’ last day of class..  One more day, and then we will be free for the winter!  (Look out books that I’ve put aside since college started, I’m coming for you..!)

Have a great day, smile, and stay warm!


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  1. I love it! Your friend is totally sporting your creations with awesomeness! I’ve never seen or heard about the beards. But what a smart way to keep your face warm. Not sure I can imagine myself wearing one, though. But my husband…he would look awesome! 🙂

    Congrats on your final exams! And so HAPPY you only have one more to go! You very much deserve to enjoy your Winter Break. ❤ Looking forward to hear about the books you'll be reading. ❤


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    • Lol, I just finished my last final today with Spanish, I’M FREE! XD I almost couldn’t wait to crack into my books that sat there waiting, but I forced myself to wait until I was ‘officially’ done with the semester before I opened them!

      And I know what you mean. I can’t tell you how many odd looks I get when I wear my hat and beard (yes, I have my very own).. Guys DO look better in it, but it is so warm for me to wear just around the property, like when I’m out shoveling or doing stuff around the yard. I may look absolutely ridiculous with a beard, but at least I’m warm! 😉

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      • Hey, sorry for responding so late. I’ve been sick over the weekend. Yesterday was rough! But, I’m feeling better but yet worse. I threw my back out today while sweeping. I’m old! Seriously, though, it’s really bad. I’ve been stuck in my computer chair pretty much all day, and bathroom trips required my husband’s assistance. I had to stay home so he could take our youngest daughter to dance class because I can’t walk or crouch or twist or lift my legs high enough. I have slipped discs. That’s why. I hope I get better soon because we are supposed to go Christmas shopping the end of this week and attend our daughter’s dance recital this Friday.

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      • Aww, I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well! I hope that you feel better soon! It’s no fun to be sick around the holidays. :/ At least you use your computer to distract you.. (Silver lining..?) I would say to just make your husband do all of the shopping, but I’ve seen what happens when my mother sends my dad out shopping.. Everyone gets really odd gifts.. *shudders* I’m sure you’ll be back on your feet in no time and can do plenty of shopping! 🙂


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