House Hunting Part 3 (The Haunted House)

So a few weeks ago I got yet another listing from my Realtor for a house that looked somewhat decent. There weren’t many pictures attached to the house, there wasn’t much info to go with the house either, and the people selling the house had never lived in the house.. But when does that stop me, right?

That being said, I had still wanted to check out the house for myself to see if it was something that would be worth my time or not. (Spoiler Alert, it was NOT!)

So to the house I went!

When I had first pulled up to the house, the first thing that I had noticed were the pretty round windows on the second floor! ‘What a cute addition to this old farm house!’ I had thought. And the house looked so huge!

Now this place was an old farm house (emphases on OLD), and it had showed signs of being old in some of the pictures. However, when I had first walked into the house I was overtaken by the smell of how old the house was. Yes that’s right, the overwhelming smell of mold, moisture, and decaying wood..

After I had gotten over the smell, however, the next thing that I had noticed was the size of the rooms..

From the outside of the house, it looked HUGE! But inside the house; the kitchen was the size of a closet (I’m not even exaggerating on that), there was one tiny bathroom, two big bedrooms that were about the size of the living room (which wasn’t very big either) and no closet space anywhere! You know what else I hadn’t noticed? Stairs to the second floor and the basement…

When I had asked my Realtor where the stairs were for the second floor, she had told me that she hadn’t found any staircase, but that the only way she had found up to the second floor was through a hole in the ceiling. This ‘hole’ looked like one of those pull down ladders you see for attics in movies, but it couldn’t close completely so it was left slightly open and gave a certain creep factor. When I had asked if we could pull down the ladder and go up there, my Realtor had told me that we couldn’t go up there because there was no ladder, and that there was just a crawl space up there.

“Ummmm, no?” Interesting that she had told me that there was just a crawl space up there, because from the outside windows, you could see up into an actual room with insulationed walls.. (Keep in mind that my Realtor was just giving me the information that she had on the house and that she herself didn’t know anything more about the house than I did, besides what was on the paperwork.)

Okay so, it has small rooms, it smells, it has a mysterious ‘non-existent’ top floor, and no way to get into the basement that we can find, yet.. Sounds like this tour is going great, right? πŸ˜…

When I had seen enough of the inside of this creepy house, I was ready to look on the outside.. However, the outside of the house wasn’t much better.

Walking outside of the house, I was told that we had to go back out the way we came in because the other way out (a screen door with a cement slab) was unsafe. “Unsafe?” I asked, to which my Realtor replied that the people selling the house had told her not to walk out on the cement slab in the back porch because we would end up falling through into the basement.. Alrighty then. πŸ‘

So the basement was my next quest, I needed to see this basement!

I followed my Realtor around the side of the house where there was a storm cellar entrance (think ‘Wizard of Oz’ tornado shelter, but creepier) and I thought ‘okay, that’s a different entrance’. I had looked at my father (who was there seeing the house with me that day) and told him that I wanted to see the basement. To which he replied that he would hold the door open for me, but that he was not going into the basement.

Now this basement was described as a ‘Michigan Basement’. What that means is that the basement floor is dirt and the walls are cement. It’s pretty common here in Michigan and I see these basements at every house I look at. I’ll tell you what’s NOT common though.. Opening up those storm shelter doors and seeing fricken children’s handprints in white paint on the inside of the basement doors!!!

Let that sink in for a moment..

. . . . .

Okay, so I may have seen one too many horror movies in my childhood, but when I see CHILDRENS HANDPRINTS on the inside of basement doors, I’m out!

Of course, that didn’t stop me from grabbing a stick (to clear out the cobwebs) and making my way into the cobweb infested torn up basement that looked like it harbored wild animals and bad children.. It was horrible, tragic, and honestly the basement was the last straw for this creepy house! (As if the other stuff hadn’t already turned me against this house.)

When I had asked my Realtor why anyone was selling a creepy house like this that no one has lived in, I was told that the people were selling it because the family member that had owned it had passed away.

YUP, that’s right, the creepy haunted house was being sold because someone DIED. Of course, the probability of them dying in the house is low, but still!!!

Needless to say, I didn’t stay there very long and I told my realtor that I would pass on the house. Not long after I said I would pass on the house, the people selling the house reached out to my realtor and told her that they would drop the price of the house for me if that would interest me to buy it (it did not). Clearly they were desperate to sell the house, but I wasn’t buying.. πŸ™„

So let me recap.. I went to a creepy old haunted house with; small rooms, a creepy second floor we weren’t allowed to go into, a back porch that was an unstable sink-hole, a basement with creepy children’s handprints on the door, creepy stains on the floor, nasty smells, and a barn that was falling down so bad that they shouldn’t have been able to put that the house ‘comes with a barn’.

That was an experience that I won’t forget anytime soon.. And I can still feel the eyes of the dead soles in the house staring at me as I looked around their home. (Don’t worry, I took sage to myself, my truck, and my house after I had gotten home.)

So yeah, I’m still waiting for a good house to come up on the market. But in the meantime I have a funny story to tell people about the last house I went and seen!

As always, remember to smile, have an amazing day, and remember to laugh at your mistakes and don’t let them discourage you! ❀

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