The Easter Cat Surprise..

Happy late Easter everyone!  I hope you ALL enjoyed your Easter this year (I know I did)!  I spent the first half of my Easter working in the yard and in my gardens getting it ready for planting.  The second half of Easter was spent with my boyfriend’s family, watching little kids ‘find’ eggs and meeting more of his family.

When it was time for Cody to drive me home, we decided to walk around the property a bit and see the gardens.  We had only been at my house for a few minutes before my Grandmother called us over to show us something she found while rearranging our ‘holiday shed’.  When Cody and I walked over and peeked in (and looked around some boxes), we were shocked to have found baby kittens!  I suspected that they were the products of two outside cats we’ve been feeding all winter.  Whisper, and Ghost.

Cody moved some boxes around, and found four kittens in all!  We took them out to the yard while gramma finished cleaning out the holiday shed, and then she made a little home for them in there.  Cody and I were given blankets to rub on the cats to get their scent on, and then those too went in the makeshift cat house for them, along with food and water.

I plan to sneak out there everyday and let the kittens get a custom to me, so that we don’t have more wild cats on the property.  I’ve missed having kittens.  I love watching them play and grow up.  When I was younger, my Grandmother used to have kittens here every spring that my brother and I could play with, they would follow us around the yard as we played and worked.

These are the new baby kittens:


(From left to right is: Rattle-Snake, Explorer, Spider cat, and Kung-Pow-Chicken)


Aren’t they the cutest thing you ever did see!  Cody helped me name them, and we brought them back to their new and improved house after gramma was done with it.


I went out to check on them this morning.  They hissed a bit, but after a minute or two, they got used to me and I could pet them without them hissing.  They actually went back to sleep with me petting them, so, progress maybe..?


(All four of them were there this morning in a little bundle.  It looks like only three, but I promise you, there are TWO orange cats on the right.)

I can’t wait to see them grow this spring!  This was such an amazing Easter Surprise, I still can’t believe we’ve got baby kittens again!

How did everyone else celebrate Easter?  Did the Easter bunny give anyone any ‘homestead surprises’?

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