A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 6)


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Saturday: July 6th, 2019.

7:10 – Wake up late.  Grab my computer and start working on getting ‘Day 5’ ready and posted.

7:56 – I’m still laying in bed with my computer on my lap.  It just started raining again, for the forth day in a row, so I’m happy that I don’t have to water the gardens today at least.  That’s one thing about being a gardener/homesteader/farmer, you love rainy days!  It waters your garden, gives you an excuse to stay inside (unless you have animals, then you better grab an umbrella!), and did I mention you don’t have to water any gardens?!?

8:00 – Time to get up and feed both inside and outside cats.  Even with the heavy rain outside, Ghost was waiting for me under the covered chair right outside the door where their food dishes wait.  He didn’t look too terribly wet, but you could tell that he had been waiting a while to be fed.

8:24 – Perfect time to go sit on the couch and read until my grandmother gets up,  As of right now, the house is quiet and peaceful.

8:29 – Scratch that..  Perfect time to make blueberry muffins for breakfast!

10:30 – As I was sitting in bed on my computer with my trusty guard cat sleeping at my side, I noticed something orange out of the corner of my eye.  Looking over, I seen our orange outside cat ‘Ghost’ right outside my window on the window sill, looking into my room!  Shocked for a moment, I woke my inside cat ‘Cally’ up to look out the window and see the cat less than a foot away from her outside the window..!  For the life of me, she would NOT look out the window and just kept looking at me sleepily.  When I tried to tap on the glass to make Cally turn around, she just kept looking at my finger and not at the cat!  I felt like a frustrated little kid who was trying to get their mothers attention by saying ‘mommy look!’ and just when the mother looks over, the thing you’re trying to get your mom to look at, stops!  Only to do it again when the mom isn’t looking!  Ugh!  Some guard cat she is!

11:30 – I went out to check the gardens.  The pounding rain the past few days have not been kind to them…  The poor cosmos have been tipped over (they are buried in egg shells and the rain washed away the dirt, causing them to tip out of the ground, routs and all).  The cucumbers are also glued to the ground, and the tomato plants are bent over..  I hope the rain lets up soon.  It’s great to not have to water my gardens, but not at the expense of my flowers and veggies..!

12:30 – My grandmother left to go shopping and I finally got the house to myself.  What do I do with that time..?  Go outside and pick flowers for my grandmother of course!


1:00 – Lunch time!

5:00 – My grandmother came home from shopping and I helped her carry in grocery’s.  I then checked on all of the gardens, plus the outside cats, on my way to stir the compost. (Which is looking GREAT by the way!)

6:00 – I’m in for the day now.  I took a shower and sat in my room playing games on my laptop and reading.  The heat has honestly been getting to me these past two weeks and I can’t be outside for more than an hour before I start feeling dizzy..

7:00 – Got dinner!

11:00 – I sat reading in bed for the longest time, while also texting my boyfriend (who was off watching fireworks with his fire department and making sure nothing catches fire).  Finally, my eyes got too heavy, and I knew that it was time to sleep.  So goodnight ya’ll!


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