First Friday; A Community Coming Together

I don’t know about you guys, but I am exhausted! This past Friday was the very first First Friday Farmers Market in my sleepy little town of Marcellus, and it was PACKED full of people! (Or at least I thought so.) Honestly, for one of the first Farmers Market of the season, more people turned up than I expected!

Furthermore, I am absolutely astounded by the sense of community I had seen and felt during the First Friday market (and before the market even started). It was times like those that reminded me 1) why I love doing Markets like this, and 2) why I love my small little town and all of the people in it!

~When the wind started to pick up and blow all of our tents around, the lady next to me kindly watched my booth while and friend and I ran across the street and grabbed my weights from a parking lot.
~Why were my weights across the street? Because I helped a friend of mine block off one of the parking lots with them, so that the food trucks had a clear spot to park.
~When another lady’s tent blew over a fence and broke, I immediately went over there to help her get it back over the fence and packed up.
~A new friend of mine had so sweetly come over and sat with me at my booth and even helped me pack up. And this was just after I had helped her and her mother out with a family emergency right before the frolic.

Needless to say, the number of people I had seen helping one another out that day was amazing to see for my little community. And although I had only given a few examples of how I/other people helped one another, there were plenty of more examples of kindness around me.

To see everyone laughing, helping one another, and generally caring about each other during Frist Friday reminded me of why I started doing markets in the first place. And it was with the Marcellus people that I finally felt included in something bigger than myself. I was part of a community.

But enough about that, let’s talk about First Friday!

After the crappy start at the Dowagiac Farmers Market, I was feeling MUCH better about my chances at First Friday when I started to set up my booth. Not only were their plenty of more people at First Friday compared to Dowagiac, but I knew everyone in Marcellus, and that made it easier to get people to come to my booth!

One thing I did wrong with my booth, however (besides the wind ripping a hole in my tent), was I had set up stuff on all three sides of my booth instead of allowing people to browse one side. There was a table in the front, a table on the left side, and the right side was filled with towel sets. Not too many people actually went to either side of the tent, and instead just looked at my table in front, decided it didn’t pertain to them and went on their way to the next booth. That’ll certainly be something I need to work on for next time..

Another thing that I had forgotten about was my bubble maker radio! My brother had found it at his work and had gotten it for me for my farmer’s markets! Did I bring it? Yes! Did I remember to set it out?! Nope!

All in all, though, all of my customers were the sweetest people ever! I felt really bad that I couldn’t talk to each person for very long before another person would come up and need attention, but in the future I’ll hopefully have someone helping me with that.

I must have done something right with my fairy wands and witches hats.. Because at the end of the day I had made over a hundred dollars and most of my wands and fairy bags were gone!

I was sad that my witches hats didn’t go over better. A lot of people were interested in them, but I had priced them at $20 and that was too high for most people. Perhaps at the next First Friday I shall price them down to $15 to see how they do. (Or put them as $19.99 to see if I can make people think they are cheaper 😉)

Although it’ll be another month before I can go to First Friday again, I shall be preparing for it in another week or two! Until then, I shall get my butt moving for the Dowagiac Farmers Market that is this Wednesday and Saturday! Time to put my feet up, get my crochet hook out, and get to work!

As always my lovely readers, smile, have an amazing day, and never give up on your dreams!


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