How things are going..

Yikes, I realize I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write any blog posts the past two weeks!  So, here is what I’ve been dealing with while I’ve, ‘been away’..


Halloween decorations got out up!

I realize that most people don’t put their Halloween decorations up this early, but I’m one of the wacky ones..!!!  I love Halloween and everything Fall related and just couldn’t wait to see the Halloween decorations out!  This isn’t everything for the outside Halloween decor, sadly we need to do a few fall projects with the yard before we can put EVERYTHING out, but we’ll get there!


I got my library card!

books on bookshelves
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So, I already got my library card for the county library here.  All I needed for that was to write down my address and wala, library card.  Now, imagine my surprise when I go in to our small town library and they want two proof of addresses and gave me a full on interrogation as to why I don’t have proof I live here.  I quickly explained my interesting dilemma on why I didn’t have bills in my name (because it’s all in my Grandmothers name), or why I don’t have my licence (because I had just turned 16 when the military moved us to Germany), and they gladly accepted my state ID..  Now, I don’t know what’s ‘normal‘ for getting library cards, because in the military, any military ID could get you any book in any military library on any military Base..  But I’m glad I now have two library cards for the two library’s here!  They’ve got some amazing books, and have some amazing things going on in the librarys.  Last month, the county library had a Harry Potter Escape room!  And next month, our small town library is having a haunted corn maze!


Helping family and friends prep for a hurricane.

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Although I live no where near the path of Hurricane Florence, my family lives in Virginia, right above the path of the hurricane, and I have many friends evacuating, staying in, and heading towards NC right now.  My brave father is part of the crew who will help with the hurricane after effects along with other soldiers from his base.  I have a friend who works for a power company in GA who headed towards NC yesterday with a bunch of other power companies, ready to bring power back to those who loose it in the storm.  I have friends who live in NC, half of the family evacuated, but my friend stayed there because his father refused to leave his house.  I’m hopping that most people had the common sense to put their lives ahead of their possessions, but I know that that decision isn’t always easy to make.  For anyone reading this who ether had to evacuate, or have friends in that area, my thoughts are with you, stay safe this week!


Reading a new book series.

So as I said, I got a library card.  And with great power, comes late nights reading and red eyes.. 😉  I found out that the library in our town, although a small one, had the divergent books!  I’ve been wanting to read those books ever since I seen the first movie!  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who watches a movie and goes ‘I bet the books are amazing!’  I read the first book in four days!  I’m trying to pase myself on the second book.  Never before have I read a book series who have made a movie the SPITTING IMAGE of the books!  I mean, Harry potter and Narnia came close enough, but this was almost word for word.  And because of that, I’m so hesitant about the second book.  I know what’s going to happen..  I know how.  I know when.  I know why..  And none of its good. 😀  But it’s very fun to read!


I hope you all have had an amazing September!  I can’t wait to read everyone’s blog posts when I have time!  And to anyone in or near NC, stay safe!

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