My New Year’s Resolution of 2022

After the past two years of New Year’s Resolutions FAILING (thank you Covid), I find it hard to have any hope left in my heart for this year. However, having a New Year’s Resolution is a must! The only problem is that I haven’t got a clue what I want out of this year!

Sure, I want to find and buy my future Homestead. And sure, I want to plant a garden. And do I want to grow my blog and business this year? Absolutely! HOWEVER! If I have learned anything from these past two years, it’s that plans certainly don’t always work out the way you want them to.

This year, I won’t wait for life to come and kick me in the butt. Instead, I’m going to take on this year with the passion of a burning fire! This year is mine for the taking and my motto this year is as follows:

Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words, and this year my actions are going to show how serious I am about my life. This year I won’t be sitting around talking about what I want out of life, instead, I’m going to ‘take the bull by the horns’.

As if to prove my point, Mother Earth unleashed a Winter Storm upon us today as if to say, ‘the action of making it snow is louder than just wishing for the snow to come’. If we listen very carefully, and we are willing to learn, the Earth will let us know the secrets of success.

We are expected to have up to seven inches of snow by tomorrow morning. (This picture was taken just after it started snowing. You can’t see it in the picture, but it was coming down thick and heavy!) If seven inches isn’t a sign from Mother Earth that I am on the right track, then I don’t know is!

This year, instead of just talking about my goals, I am actually going to do something with my life and let my actions speak louder than my words! This year, I will do what needs to be done to get the life I deserve. ❤ Who else is with me?! Let’s make 2022 the year we get our lives back on track!


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And as always, smile, have an amazing New Year, and comment below what your New Year Resolutions are for 2022! Do you think this year will be any better than the last??

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